Using DynamoDB as session provider with AWS SDK V3

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The DynamoDB Session Handler is a custom session handler for PHP that allows developers to use Amazon DynamoDB as a session store. Using DynamoDB for session storage alleviates issues that occur with session handling in a distributed web application by moving sessions off of the local file system and into a shared location. DynamoDB is fast, scalable, easy to setup, and handles replication of your data automatically.

Setting up:

1. Make sure you have PHP >= 5.5.0
2. install AWS PHP SDK(v3) from here
3. Configure PHP SDK to use any of the credentials options as mentioned here:
4. See more details about DyanmoDB provided session handler here:
5. A DynamoDB table to store session info, with ‘id’ (String) as Hash key.

End to End PHP code with debug turned on:

> php sessionProvider.php
successfully connected

Now, check the DynamoDB table if the session information is stored successfully.

Here is the example structure(DynamoDB JSON format):

References :



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