Taskrunner & workergroup threads

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Task Runner Configuration Options :

--tasks : The number of task poll threads to run simultaneously. Optional. The default is 2. however, these threads are just for polling.

Maximum number of Activities that can be run in parallel by Taskrunner :

If you have 10 Activities(which may be from different Data-pipelines) currently running on that single Taskrunner worker-group , new activities cannot be processed by this taskrunner and will be waiting for the previous activities to finish. i.e Taskrunner tied to a worker-group has a hard limit that it can execute a Max of 10 Activities in Parallel.

For example :

Suppose 10 activities are to be executed. By default poller pulls 2 Tasks(Activities) per second. In the next seconds it pulls another 2 activities. so, at the end of 5 seconds , there will be 10 activities submitted by poller to worker-group.

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